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Lombok beaches

Lombok beaches which should be in your bucket list

Do you think only on Bali island you can find crystal clear water and white sand beaches? NO. There are many such beaches in other Indonesian islands as well and they are not so crowded yet. In the neighbor Lombok island, you can enjoy the same or even better beaches. Maybe it’s time to consider Lombok island one of the options for a holidays destination? Besides beautiful nature, it’s a bit cheaper than in Bali.

There are so many beautiful Lombok beaches that during 3 weeks trip we didn’t manage to visit all of them. But here are my favorite ones where I would love to come back one day.

Lombok beaches which I recommend to visit at least once

Selong Belanak beach

Selong Belanak- beach in Lombok

The most beautiful beach I ever saw in Indonesia till now! Wide and long, soft, white sand coast and crystal clear, clean, warm water. The beach is having a curvy shape with hills on each point. The waves are not so high, so you can enjoy swimming (even if it’s not recommended to do because there are fishing boats but from my experience they are too far, not disturbing at all). As well have sunbathing or just a relaxing walk along the beach. As well it’s a perfect place to learn how to surf.

Beaches in Lombok - Selong Belanak

Beach located ~49 km from Mataram (~1,5-hour drive). From Kuta Lombok, it’s ~ 17 km. From Mataram, you just need to take the route to Lombok International airport. If you have reached Jami’ Penunjak Mosque, you should turn to the North until you find the beach. Make sure to ask around on the way to Selong Belanak beach because there would be no road signs that can lead you to this beach.

Selong Belanak beach in Lombok


  • If you will be lucky, you can buy fresh seafood from local people. Most of the people living near Selong Belanak are fishermen, so sometimes they will come back from the sea with fresh seafood. As well you can have a fishing trip with local people.
  • The beach will be very crowded during the holiday season. If you can, try to visit Selong Belanak beach on weekdays.
  • You can find many beach vendors there, rent a cot.
  • To make your time more efficient, you can visit as well Mawun beach, Kuta beach, Seger beach, Aan Bay, or Sade beach in one day. But I would highly recommend staying in Selong Belanak beach all day long.

Selong Belanak beach


Mawun beach

Mawun beach in Lombok

One of the Lombok beaches is cozy, peaceful, surrounded by 2 hills on the West and East sides. Has white, soft texture sand in the middle of the beach that turns to rougher, mixed with small rocks near the hills. Has clean, blue water where you can enjoy swimming (but near the hills, the waves are higher and stronger). Not too many people come to this beach, so you can feel like it belongs all to you. On this beach you can have a relaxing time, sunbathing, climb the hills and enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean.

Mawun beach is ~60 km from Mataram city (it’s ~1,5 hour drive). From Kuta Lombok ~20 min. drive. The route is Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Penujak-Selong Belanak-Mawun, or Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Batunyale-Sengkol-Rambitan-Sade-Kuta-Mawun. If you are visiting Selong Belank beach, Mawun is only ~9 km from there.

Mawun beach


  • You should be careful if you will decide to swim near the hills because there are no lifeguards on this beach.
  • Take some snacks with you because there are only several beach vendors, who sell things for extremely high prices.
  • If you will be lucky, on the way to this beach you can see farmers harvesting tobacco leaves.
  • On the way, you can visit as well Selong Belank beach and others around (see above).


Kuta beach (Lombok)

Kuta beach in Lombok

Even if it’s not my favorite place (because it’s too crowded) but it’s a strategical good place to stay a couple of days and explore the South part of Lombok beaches (and not only). There are many places to stay, to eat, order some extra activities or trips to other parts of Lombok, as well as make laundry if you are on a long trip.

Kuta beach has ~7 km coastline with some small hills where you can climb. The sand not so soft and you can’t properly swim, as well it lays near the main road. Here you will find many people who come just chill out with a drink in a beach bar or see the sunset. But ~2 km from Kuta beach you can find as well Seger beach (it’s a good place for snorkeling, a more calm beach just to spend some time). and other smaller ones.

Kuta beach located ~50 km from Mataram (~1-hour drive). If you are in Bali or in one of the Gili’s island, many tour operators suggest trips to Kuta Lombok from there.

Lombok beach - Kuta


  • Bargue the price before renting snorkeling equipment.
  • Stay safe in the Kuta area.


  • There are many places to stay, depends on your budget and wishes.
  • We stayed in Seger Reef homestay. It’s located in front of the beach, has hot water, WI-FI (in the lobby) and it’s a safe to place.

Tanjung AAN beach

Tanjung AAN beach in Lombok

This Lombok beach surrounded by some hills that you can climb. In the middle of the beach also have one small hill that you can hike. Unfortunately, the sand not so smooth like in mentioned other beaches but still you can have a nice time swimming in blue water, enjoy the beautiful scenery of ~2 km coastline or have a walk. It’s a good place for snorkeling as well.

It’s located ~75 km from Mataram (~1,5 hour drive). Or ~3 km from Kuta beach. The route is Mataram – Cakranegara – Kediri – Praya – Batunyale – Sengkol – Rambitan – Sade – Kuta and finally Tanjung Aan.


  • There are many beach vendors, some local “warungs” to eat.
  • You can be a bit annoyed by many street sellers who on each step suggest buying something.


Pink (Tangis) beach

Pink beach in Lombok

The name “pink” was given because it’s the only beach on Lombok island which have pink colored sand. Some of the locals call this beach “heaven beach” as well. Because it’s a cozy, quiet beach, seems untouched by people. But if you want to reach it you need to pass the “hell road”. When we were there, the road condition was so horrible that ~10 km we were passing more than 1 hour. But we saw that people were fixing the road, so I hope now it’s much better.

“Pink beach” surrounded by cliffs that you can climb and have an amazing view of other close Lombok beaches, panorama below the cliffs. Also from the top, you can see a more clear pink beach color. The sand on this beach so soft and the water so blue, calm. It’s the perfect place for 1-day trip. As well, like the road to this place so bad many people don’t come here.

Tangis-Pink beach

It’s ~82 km from Mataram (~3 hours drive). From Kuta ~ 53 km (~1,30 hour drive). But going to this beach takes the safe route and don’t go by the quickest way.


  • The more clear pink color you can see either in the early morning or in the evening, so try to visit it during that time.
  • You can reach Pink beach as well with short boat trips from Tanjung Luar or Telong-Elong.
  • Take some snacks with you because there are only several beach vendors who sometimes not open during the work week (only on weekends when coming more people).
  • If you don’t want to drive through “hell road” by yourself you can order a tour from tourist offices in Kuta.
  • While you will be in Pink beach, visit as well amazing Tanjung Ringgit, like it’s on the same road.

Pink beach


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Tips for all Lombok beaches:

  • Don’t be surprised that almost to all Lombok beaches you will need to pay an entrance fee that is valid only for 1 day for the exact beach.
  • On all beaches cots are not for free, even if nobody said the price after you would like to leave somebody will come and ask to pay for it.
  • Have enough cash with you, like not in many places you will find ATM.
  • Stay safe during your trip to Lombok.

Mentioned beaches on the map:

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  • Would you like to visit these beaches?
  • If you have been to these Lombok beaches what was our experience?
  • Maybe you have other Lombok beaches recommend to visit?



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  2. I am in Lombok now and visited most of these but pink beach is quite far from kuta lombok where I am staying, sadly and roads are shitty too (From what I hear). Great post.

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    1. Depends if you want to be in the “action” or stay further from crowds :) In general the best option is stay in Senggigi – more options for accommodation, different prices, many eating places. In other beaches less options for different type of accommodation. You can visit other beaches by day trips :)

  4. Oh wow! Beaches in Lombok can’t get more paradisaical. Can they? I can spend a couple of days beach hoping around the island. I love that pink sand beach.

  5. These beaches look just stunning! I’ve been to Bali and Flores and was quite disappointed of the beaches I visited. They were quite dirty and small. The diving was awesome though. #WeekendWanderlust

  6. Ahh l love Bali and Lombok – great tips here. I can’t wait until we live on that side of the world again and I can visit more often #weekendwanderlust

  7. Lombok looks beautiful! I must admit my first visit to Indonesia I didn’t get far out of Bali – I will certainly be sure to explore further next time. The pink beach is incredible! #WeekendWanderlust

    1. Yes, there are many other beautiful islands :) Borneo, Sulawesi and many more. I think even if you live in Indonesia, not possible to see all of those beauties that this country can suggest :)

  8. Good information here. Always looking for a new place to travel and beaches are always a fav!

    1. Thank you :) Yes, one of the famous things in Indonesia are beaches but there are many other things to discover – mountains, wild nature, underwater world, different islands culture and etc. :)

    1. It’s really beautiful in Lombok :) I hope next time will manage to visit places in North side as well :) You are not planning to go for diving to Sekotong for example?:)

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