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Tips for safe travel in Lombok

Tips for safe travel in Lombok island

Lombok is very beautiful island with variety things which you can see and do there. As well, it’s not too big one, so most destinations you can reach by driving couple of hours. Most travelers come to Lombok during dry season and to most popular destinations, like Senggigi, Kuta beaches, 3 Gili islands and etc. But during rainy season, in some places you feel like spending time in small part of paradise – no people and surrounding just breathe taking.

In other hand, sometimes in paradise as well can be some danger. I think, the main thing – if you hear that people warn you, take it seriously. You are just guest, no matter from which country, how strong you are and etc. Don’t over value yourself in other country, where people live, think, and act differently than in your surroundings.

When people talk about bad experiences, others, sometimes start to think, that this can’t happen to them. That’s why, long time I didn’t want to share this post, but after some happenings with foreigners in Lombok, made me change my mind. I don’t say that “don’t go to Lombok, it’s dangerous” (like bad things can happen in any place around the world). I just want to share about what you need to be careful. Then you will have safe travel in Lombok and I believe you will fully enjoy the trip.

When we were planning a trip to Lombok (for 3 weeks in rainy season) I read some stories about not nice experiences there. But at that time I thought “Ok, people was just unlucky, maybe some things happen because of their own behavior, nothing bad can happen with us”. When we arrived and met with Indonesian friends, showed our route map – we got the same warnings from them, saying in which parts of Lombok we should be more careful. Then I started worry a bit more. So we followed their suggestions and advice. I’m happy that nothing happened with us, but we saw and heard stories from locals, foreigners who had incidents at that time there.

So here are tips for safe travel in Lombok

When is more safe to travel?
How to choose safer place to stay?
Which time of the day is not safe?
Which crimes happen more often?
On the hills
Beautiful rice paddies view on the way through the hills
Which roads are more safe?
Which destinations are not safe?
What you should know about trekking in Mt. Rinjani?
What you should know about scammers?

Extra tip for safe travel in Lombok

Beware buying local alcohol from your “new friendly friends” (it’s common in all Indonesia). They can suggest you cocktail, try local drink and etc. Seems adventurous to drink something that it’s forbidden BUT there cases when people died after drinking alcohol in Indonesia. People are mixing or make the alcohol be diluted with methanol. You know that it’s very dangerous? You can google some news about it. Some insights here.

All trips will be safe if you won’t over value yourself and will hear, follow advice and warnings. Don’t be brave – be smart and wise before deciding to do something and your journey will be just amazing!

P.S. If you need a guide in Lombok island, I can recommend Hendra.

Travel tips for traveling in Lombok
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  • Have you been in Lombok island? Did you feel safe there?
  • Do you have any other travel tips how to stay safe during trips?
  • Have you faced any scammers while you was traveling in Asia?


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8 thoughts on “Tips for safe travel in Lombok island”

  1. Hi Victorija Panovaite,

    I feel sorry for your some bad experiences in Lombok and I really do appreciate your information of how to keep safe in Lombok. I am local and live in Lombok, exactly in Lembar regency nearby the port.

    As a local, it’s a shame to know that foreigners who are looking for fun holiday in Lombok experienced such thing. I can say yes to some areas in Lombok especially in south part. But, not all of Lombok people do such things like robbery, scamming, or even stealing.

    As our government developing and educating the south part recently, the amount of crimes happen is simultaneously decrease. Don’t let some “bad news” make up your mind about what truly Lombok is. Lombok is safe and beautiful.

    Thank you,

    1. I know that Lombok is a really beautiful island with beautiful places to visit. In all places around the world can happen the crimes. It some parts of Lombok is not so safe but it doesn’t mean that in the rest of island it’s not safe as well. I’m happy to hear that crimes there decrease – I hope in a near future it will reach the minimum level :)

  2. We also had a really bad experience last year arriving with the public ferry in lombok. The guys were screaming at us to use their “bus service” and we rejected it for half an hour. After realizing that there is really no other opportunity we accepted to join their car. First he didn’t go in the direction that we wanted to and drove to a very poor area close to the harbour were he stoped in the middle of the street. That situation was super scary so we tried to escape the car but he just closed my door again and screamed at me. in the end they just picked up two kids that apparently had to go to the city as well. His driving was terrible, he was constantly going on the wrong lane and looked like if he was on drugs. In my 5 month in indonesia that was by far the most scary experience.

  3. Is it seriously so dangerous now? I was considering taking a friend to Lombok in May for a week or so, but to be honest this now has me considering that maybe we should just stay in Bali or fly up to Malaysia instead.

    1. You know everywhere can happen anything as well in Bali :) It’s things that we can’t predict – the main thing not to choose “bad” routes and especially in the evenings. I really liked beaches in Lombok, not crowded at all and quite clean comparing with some of Bali beaches:)

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