Living in Indonesia

Expat advises and tips about living in Indonesia. If you are planning to stay or travel in Indonesia longer, then this information for you.


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  1. I’m having a good friend inin Indonesia and I’m from Dubai. We are planning to do an online business in indonesia so cancan i know about the formalities for me getting a visa to live there???

    1. You should contact people who are good in foreigners working laws. Try any agent in Indonesia who help foreigners to get working permits :) I’m not qualified to give such advice :)

  2. :) yes, I still live in Indonesia, at the moment in Bali :) I’m living in Indonesia almost 2 years. I think the best thing what you can do is come for these 3 weeks and see if you like here. If you will see that you can live here and you will need to stay, then you will see what kind of opportunities you have. You can work here, you can think about some online jobs or create some kind of your own business :) About “surviving” everything depends what kind of lifestyle you like, if eat in small street eating places, travel in cheaper way is ok for you, then everything will be fine :) I think, first try to enjoy your time and don’t think about surviving things yet :)

  3. Your blog is extremely helpful, especially for someone who has never set foot on Indonesia! Makes me more excited to visit and explore the place.

  4. It’s really helpful, and it’s even better because it mainly talk about our lovely city Jogjakarta.
    Thanks Mbak Ria, i willl put your website link in my CouchSurfing profile.

  5. Good job! Welldone! :-)

    Your website very comprehensive and detail. It will help expat who needs guidance for staying longer in Indonesia.

    I smiling and laughing when read Indonesian lifestyle and good manners…hahaha. Seems you already done good “investigation” to collect all those info. ;-)

    As couchsurfer, me and my guest always met shock culture. Yeah, your site very helpful. So, i don’t need explain my guest. Just ask them to read your article. :-)

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, Roni for nice words :) I really hope that information that I’m preparing will be useful :) and about “research” :D – yeah, my Indonesian friends laughing at me, like I all the time give them a lot of questions about everything – I’m just maybe too curious :D

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