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Malaysian sign

Funny Malaysian signs

Most probably in many countries possible to see funny and different signs, but somehow I have impression that in Asia possible to see more funny signs than in other continents ;).

Here are few funny Malaysian signs which I catch by accident during the trip in Malaysia.

Map of Penang
Is it reality or a joke? :) Penang island, Georgetown


Street art sign
Is it mean everybody can do what they want on the wall and they won’t get punishment? As well destroy other artists work? Penang island, Georgetown


Toilet sign
How possible to keep toilet dry and clean when the Asian toilet “flushing system” by itself all the time is wet ? :) Kuala Lumpur, public transport toilet


"No durian" sign
In durian “kingdom” (Malaysia) you can find signs forbidden to take durian not only inside public transport, but hotels and other places as well. Penang island, in public transport
Durian sticker
You can buy such sticker in many shops. Penang island


Don't touch the wall
Is masterpiece so sensitive for touches? :D Penang island, Georgetown


Restaurant sign
Is it a trend to write in incorrect English language or bad English language knowledge? Penand island


Laundry sign
Honestly I didn’t understand what kind of “great performance” laundry service they provide :D. And what doesn’t mean “ent”? Kuala Lumpur


National park sign
First I’m curious how the women should be dressed for swimming? Second – the sign about taking own trash back very good, like almost nowhere you will see trash bins :) Penang island National park


Shop sign
Everything is clear? :) Kuala Lumpur, butterfly park


Shop sign
For those who don’t understand “no helmets&no shoes” special warning “Strictly”. Bad that I didn’t try to go inside with shoes – will they shoot me? :D Penang island, Georgetown


Shop sign
Please somebody help to understand :D Looks like clothes shop, but who comes inside to try clothes will be sold? Or they are searching person who could sell girls? As well “Makeeyo” interesting way to use English language in creative way :D Penang island

 Maybe not funny but a bit different signs :)

Road sign
Many road signs looks like this. Somebody needs maid? :) Kuala Lumpur


Train vagon
Train carriage only for women and women with kids. Kuala Lumpur


Even if national language is Bahasa Malay, most of the warning written in several languages: Bahasa Malay, Chinese and Hindi language. In English written text I saw only on this table. Kuala Lumpur


No wi-fi sign
Advice for Facebook “addicted” or not enough money to pay for Wi-Fi service? Penang island, Georgtown


Some more funny Malaysian signs (company signs) seen by other people.

Do you have other interesting signs from Malaysia? Share your pictures or links :)

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