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Georgetown, Penang

The beauty of getting lost in Georgetown, Penang

My trips were well organized before coming to Indonesia. The expression “get lost” wasn’t in my vocabulary or I even couldn’t think that it can happen to me :). But Indonesia changed me and my traveling habit a bit (I believe that many people who stay longer in Indonesia or other South East Asia countries changed at least a little bit).

If you have been to Georgetown, Penang island (Malaysia), or will go there, you will see that get lost there something unbelievable. But it happened to me. I got lost even with a map in my hands. And it was probably the most exciting experience there.

My honest advice, if you are planning to go to Georgetown, Penang – forget anything that you read, mark what you want to see. Just go with the flow and follow the intuition. Because Georgetown so cozy and not a big area that each corner, street, the place will offer you something inspiring. As well (I believe) even if you let yourself get lost, you will pass all “must to see” places, just open your eyes, wonder around and enjoy the walk or ride.

Why you should get lost in Georgetown, Penang?

It will get you off the beaten track.

Just let yourself be curious and enter each street, corner, shop that looks interesting for you.

Beauty of getting lost in Georgetown, Penang

Funny, but I was trying to find few street art murals with the map on the first day but didn’t manage (like it was a bit hidden from the main road). But when I get lost I found it!

Georgetown, Penang - shoes tree

Getting lost most probably will give you the best memories and stories.

Because you will be more open to speaking with strangers, hear their stories, maybe they will show you something unique, hidden.

Gerogetown, Penang - barber shop

Somewhere (as I get lost, so I don’t know the exact street :D) I saw a very nice barber shop and I ask the worker if I can make a picture. We started to chat and I got a lot of interesting information about Penang.

Getting lost may help you learn how to relax, be flexible, and go with the travel flow.


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When I realize that I get lost I saw one coffee place and decided to take time and think about what I will do next. And it was just an amazing place.

You can learn more about the area where you are.

Just open your eyes widely and you will see things that may be in another case you would pass.

Georgetown, Penang, island - offering place

Getting lost in Malaysia - bar decoration

I was looking around and trying to remember all the details that I saw, places that I pass in a case if I will make a circle around. And I found a little Chinese offering place, some cute decoration in the street and etc.

You can enjoy finding some unique eating places that are far from the main street.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia-coffee tarik

In this place was the most delicious coffee Tarik I have tried during my trip to Penang. As well cheaper, like not a lot of travelers go through that place.

Getting lost can give you the opportunity to be more “brave” to try something new.

Getting lost in Georgetown, Penang - ice-cream

Coconut ice-cream with corn, beans, and something else (I didn’t identify the taste). Would you try it? Usually, I like food combinations that suit together. But this time I just tried my luck and was nicely surprised.

You can see a different views of already visited places.

Travel photos from Asia - Penang

The day before getting lost, I was visiting Jetty clan (during daytime). But only because I get lost I saw this beautiful Chinese temple on the water in the evening.


After getting lost in Georgetown, Penang I started to believe that “getting lost is the best part of travel.” Do you agree or disagree? Have you been lost somewhere on purpose or not? How did you find yourself in that situation – enjoyed or felt a bit stressed?

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P.S. We stayed in 75 Travellers Lodge, Central Georgetown. It’s a good location, nothing fancy, rooms are quite small but cheap place (dormitory and private rooms). Or you can find any other place to stay:

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