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A flashback – 2 weeks in Vietnam

It’s hard to write about my 2 weeks in Vietnam, it’s not possible to describe all the feelings after it, because it was my first time in Vietnam. But in general – it was an amazing trip and experience in many different ways. I’m in love with Vietnam. If somebody would ask – it’s really worth to visit!

Some people say that I like numbers. Truly to say – not numbers – I like facts (which sometimes turns into the numbers). So, here are some facts about my 2 weeks trip to Vietnam (later, I will write more about all my experiences).

During 15 days trip (11 days with a group and 4 days alone):


Journey during 2 weeks in Vietnam

  • had 7 flights (Yogyakarta-Jakarta-Singapore-Hanoi, Hanoi-Da Nang, Hanoi-Singapore-Jakarta-Yogyakarta)
  • spend 13,5 hours in plains (waiting for the 28,5 hours)
  • had 3-night trains where spend 26 hours (waiting for the 3 hours)
  • spend on the buses more than 50 hours
  • spend on a motorbike (like a passenger) more than 10 hours
  • stayed in 1 hostel, 7 hotels, 1 night in the airport, 2 nights in Vietnamese friend family house in the village

Visited places during 2 weeks in Vietnam

  • visited Singapore (spend 8 hours in the city on the way to Vietnam, 8 hours in the airport on the way back to Indonesia) and Vietnam
  • went to Hanoi, Sa Pa (and 4 villages there), Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Ninh Binh (and 2 villages near there)

Activities during 2 weeks in Vietnam

  • been in 2 beaches (in Hue and Hoi An)
  • made 3 trekking tours (2 in Sa Pa, 1 in Cat Ba island) – first 2 took in total 9 hours, last – 2 hours)
  • visited 16 museums/sightseeing’s
  • had 2 massages (Vietnamese full body and foot massage)
  • had 2D/1N cruise (in Halong Bay)
  • made 2 boat trips (in Halong Bay and Ninh Binh)
  • participated in Vietnamese traditional weddings

People during 2 weeks in Vietnam

  • Lithuanian group (I accompany them during the trip) – who treat me like a family member, reminded me Lithuanian language and much more
  • a couple from Israel (I met them on the first night train) – who reminded me that good thing which we do, will come back to you
  • Tuan (first our guide in Hanoi) – who shows me the Vietnamese hospitality, crazy driving style, the beauty of Vietnam nature and allow me to become a part of his family
  • Helmy from Kairo (I met him in Jakarta airport on the way back to Indonesia) – who reminded me that everything is possible if you really want that,  you just need to be brave enough to try and discover new things
  • in general, during the trip, had 4 local guides and even don’t remember how many drivers

Loss during 2 weeks in Vietnam

  • lost my photo camera lens cover in Sa Pa, while I was taking pictures on the trekking time in Sa Pa
  • in Hanoi, airport costume took my Victorinox pocket-knife
  • got sick because of hot weather and air conditions (even in a couple of days lost my voice)
  • had problems with my foot finger and got a lot of bruising

Even if during 2 weeks in Vietnam, I got extra 2 kilos because of delicious Vietnamese food, had a quite tense traveling but IT WAS SO COLORFUL TRIP! And soon I will share more adventures from these 2 weeks in Vietnam.


Have you been to Vietnam? What were the most colorful memories from this trip?

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