After selection

First of all CONGRATULATIONS :)! You are one of lucky ones from all over the world who was selected to discover Indonesian culture. So what will be after selection?

  • After selection, when you will see your name in selected people list, soon you will get e-mail from your country Indonesian embassy (be patient, you will receive this letter:)). There will be written administrative details that need to be done before your arrival, information about visa and etc. Probably you will have additional questions concerning the letter but please be patient to get the answers from embassy.
    When everything will be done concerning administrative things you can start to prepare to your journey to Indonesia. If you want you can use my recommendations what to do and what to take before coming to Indonesia.
  • First, all new year Darmasiswa program students will meet in Jakarta for the new year scholarship opening ceremony (“Orientation program”). There you will meet with your university Darmasiswa scholarship coordinator and your university selected students.
  • After opening ceremony you with other students and university coordinator will travel to your city. Travel tickets will be covered as well you should get some pocket money for first days of staying in Indonesia.
  • When you will arrive to your city, the accommodation for couple of days for sure will be provided (some of the universities can ask to pay for it from pocket money that you will get in opening ceremony, other can cover this short staying expenses). How to provide accommodation in each city and each university depends on university. One university can suggest staying in their dormitory during all Darmasiswa scholarship period, other just to stay couple of days there; third can order home-stay for couple nights till you will find your own place to stay and etc. You can read my recommendations how to find a place to live in Indonesia.
  • University coordinator will explain when the studies will start, how everything will be organized later and etc.
  • Most of the Darmasiswa program students will have tourist visa when they will arrive in Indonesia. University coordinator will take care of the application process for the KITAS (“Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas” – temporary stay permit card) for your scholarship period. You will need to visit immigration office to submit your personal information, take some pictures – university coordinator will assist you.

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