Memories of 2015 in 15 travel photos from Asia

It’s only passed couple days after New Year celebration but 2015 is already the past. Looking back to my 2015 I can honestly say “it was crazy, adventurous, inspiring year”. I’m happy to watch all my travel photos from Asia and remember all routes, met people, stories that I had.

It’s quite hard to select only 15 photos from all trips in 2015 (I was traveling in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Norway). Like not possible all memories put to such small amount of photos but I took this personal challenge and selected :). Here they are (according to the sequence where I traveled from the beginning of 2015)!

My 2015 in 15 travel photos from Asia

#1 Peaceful time in Labuhan Haji beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Lombok
I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head

#2 Intact children in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Travel photos from Asia - Vietnam
Be happy for now reason like a child

#3 Incredible rice paddies in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Travel photos from Asia - Vietnam
Enjoy the little things

#4 Time to get lost, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Travel photos from Asia - Halong Bay
Getting lost is not a waste of time

#5 Wonder moments in Bukittinggi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Sumatra
Never lose your sense of wonder

#6 Exploring Ramadhan time in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Yogyakarta
Don’t try to understand everything, because sometimes it’s not meant to be understood but to be accepted

#7 On the way to meet with orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Borneo
My destination is no longer a place, but new way of seeing. Marcel Proust

#8 Curiosity moment for both of us in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Sulawesi
Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity

#9 Faith time in Tirtha Empul temple in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Bali
Never lose hope, keep the faith. Joyce Meyer

#10 Inspiring moment in Batu Cave, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Travel photos from Asia - Kuala Lumpur
There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs

#11 Discovering time in Clan Jetties, Penang, Malaysia

Travel photos from Asia - Penang
We live to discover beauty

#12 Magical moment in Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Travel photos from Asia - Bangkok
Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Goethe

#13 Colorful time in Bangkok, Thailand

Travel photos from Asia - Bangkok
Enjoy the colors of life

#14 Tasty hours in Bangkok, Thailand

Travel photos from Asia - Thailand
You have to taste a culture to understand it

#15 Bewitching place in Tanah Lot temple, Bali, Indonesia

Travel photos from Asia - Bali
In a place where there is will. There is a road. Korean proverb

How about you? What were your travel memories of 2015?

Wish you in 2016 travel more, meet interesting people, try new things and never stop believing in things you do! :)

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What to expect from Indonesian concert?

Sometimes, when we are traveling, we can’t feel that close connection with local people or be a part of their daily life. But if you will ever have possibility, try to visit any local show (I’m not talking about those which is organized for tourists but those – which knows only local people :)) – do it!

If I have chance, I always try to attend local events, especially in Yogyakarta, where I live. I have been in many Indonesian concerts, exhibitions, events, festivals and other celebrations which were organized by local people or participants were only Indonesians. So I have a small “image” about Indonesian events.

Earthernity Fest poster

This time I want to share the discoveries of Indonesian concert, which I see really different from European ones. Even if past some time after visiting one of Indonesian concert in Yogyakarta – “Earthernity fest” (annual concert dedicated to celebrate earth day), the impression still lives in my mind. Probably this concert can be that one, which had all Indonesian events “attributes” :D.

Why this Indonesian concert was so special that I decided to go there?

First of all, I came here just because of Indonesian band “Payung Teduh”, I felt in love with their music already before coming to Indonesia :). Second, because of singer “frau”. Both of these artists in one place? I just needed to go! And for a big surprise – I discovered here new Indonesian group – TIK! TOK!.

So what you can expect from Indonesian concert?

Organizers performance

It will be late

and you can’t take inside your food or drinks (the security will take it from you) – but where it’s not happen? So this not counted like “unique” :D.

Sitting on the floor

Indonesians have sitting on the floor culture (when they are visiting people, eating, doing other things). So nothing surprising, just come to the concert and sit on the floor. People takes off their shoes, like at home :). For me – it’s not usual. If there are no chairs – you stand, in open area or very cozy place where is not enough seats – yeah you sit on the ground, but it’s not must. In this case, to sit 5 hours on the floor – some of the lower body parts really hurts :D. Nobody warn me that I need to take sitting pillow to the concert :D.

Long talks of “masters of the ceremony” (MC)

Almost none of the event (concert as well) won’t be real without MC’s. 1 – 3 people who tries to interact audience before the concert, during it. The funniest thing that MC’s speaking sometimes longer than performers stays on the stage (for example the band plays 10 min. – MC’s talks 20 min.):). Usually they just make some jokes (sometimes not funny at all), interactions with the prizes and a lot of self talks with the partner on the stage. Some of the event hires better MC’s, others takes amateurs. Because of MC’s interruption, this concert lasted 5 hours :D. How to be patient and wait for the last band the most important performer ?:)

Audience singing louder than the band on the stage

If Indonesians really like some songs, they will scream (imitating the singing) louder than the band on the stage. Even when you will ask them a bit make lower voice, because of their scream not possible to hear real singers – they won’t stop. In such way they express themselves.

Young couples dating

You can imagine how hard for teenagers and not marriage couples in the Muslim country to express their relationship? :). If they have a chance to be a little bit in private with the partner, they will try to go where is dark and a lot of people, because no one will be in attention of them. In this concert was the same – darkest corners was busy with couples: holding hands, touching shoulders. More braver was sitting in the crowed and hugging each other from the back.

Instant noodles

Most local people habit – eat instant noodles everywhere, even in the concert. Sellers even have more instant noodles types than other snacks. First I didn’t understood from where the smell of noodles is coming, just turn around and saw one guy eating them, then another girt in front, other guy in left. It’s looked that nothing can satisfy Indonesians stomach like “sambal” and instant noodles. Noodles “must” to be in every event.

Funny facts:

  • even if organizers didn’t deal properly with sound and lighten, but they didn’t forget to take out the brands labels from the water bottles which singers where drinking on the stage.
  • guess who was the “security” leading famous band out of the backstage? Girls with hijab :). Wondering why? In Muslim country none of the men can touch women with hijab (if it’s not your family member). So, even if somebody would like attack or do something, by the religion it’s not allowed :). Clever, yeah?
  • as well, I was the only one foreigner in the concert – so you can imagine how “popular” I was there :). Guessing who got more attention, people on the stage or me :D.


About all unsuccessful things during the concert I won’t write. Organizers, guests and bands probably already saw it. I hope for the next year concert, organizers will fix it or at least won’t do the same mistakes.

Some moments from Indonesian concert:


Have you been in any local performance during your trips? What was the most impressive thing or differences from what you used to?

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Indonesian discoveries (part 2) – nature

Indonesia is a country where you become addicted to travel. There are so many breathtaking places and so many things to explore – you just need to decide where to go. Even without a plan, you will have, for sure, amazing memories.

If you like to travel, probably, you had such feeling – when you come to a place, it’s just bewitch you? Here are some Indonesian discoveries of nature that stuck in my mind like most powerful ones (which I visited till now). I don’t know why and truly to say don’t think about it so much. For me, the main thing – at that time, when I was there, I was really happy!

Waterfall Siruwe (“Air terjun Siruwe”, Dieng Plateau, Java island)

Siruwe waterfallTo reach this waterfall we went through rice paddies, small “jungle”, no more clear path was seen. The view from a bit further already was amazing. But to go down wasn’t so easy – it was vertical way through clay that was still wet and very slippery. It took us some time to get down – but we were so happy – to be in the middle of nowhere, without anyone else, to hear the sound of falling water, to feel strong wind and the power of nature.
First time in life I try bath under the waterfall (ant it’s ~100 m high). And it was the most powerful feeling that I ever felt – for couple of minutes I couldn’t even properly breath – because of coldness, strong wind and strong water stream that was a bit painful. I stood there and didn’t want to move. I felt what it means to be in a nature ant with it. This waterfall was the most amazing thing that I saw in my life (till now :)).

Selong Belanag beach (“Pantai Selong Belanag”, Lombok island)

Selong Belanag beach When I saw this beach I was amazed. It was so big, yellow, soft, warm sand, with turquoise water color. I never before saw such color of the water. I was just standing there and watching that immense horizon. Through me passed couple beginners surfers and that’s all, no more people (only sellers in “warungs”). The beach was quite long, so I just desired to walk through it and enjoy that peaceful moment. Only later I decided to swim a bit and the water was so warm. Funny thing, in touristic books written that swimming here impossible because quite near onshore, there are many fisherman boats. But it’s not true, you can see some boats but it’s further from the beach. The beach and sea are so large, that everyone can find a place for themselves. I felt in love with this beach, so even if we didn’t plan, we came here once again, on the way back.

“Pink beach” (“Pantai Tangsi”, Lombok island)

Pink beach in LombokLocal people as well call it “heaven beach”. 10 km distance we needed to drive more than 1 hour through very rocky road. Local people say that “if you want to reach heaven (beach) you need pass hell (rocky road)”. When we came there were no people. It’s cozy, not big beach with pink color sand. You can swim there, a bit climb on the hill and see many other beaches from the top. This beach looked like from fairy tale.

Gili Meno island

Gili Meno Small island, during 1 hour you can walk around all of it. The sunrises in horizon of mount Rinjani and peaceful beaches just bewitched me. I never thought that I can stay 4 days in a beach and do nothing :). But here I manage just to do nothing and enjoy holidays.

Tanjung Puting National park (Borneo island)

Borneo orangutanFirst time I saw in this park live orangutans (like other monkeys) and their life in a nature. To meet them in a middle of forest, to see how they behavior, look at you – something unforgettable.

Sunset in Uluwatu temple (“Pura Luhur Uluwatu”, Bali island)

Uluwatu temple sunset

If you ever thought about “perfect” sunset – this place is the right one to see it. Fishing boats, temple on the cliff, Balinese “kechak” dance and going down sun – the view like a reward for all hard work.

Sidoharjo waterfall (“Air terjun Sidoharjo”, Kulon Progo, Java island)

Sidoharjo waterfallEven if the stream of this waterfall already smaller than was before, still this ~75 m high waterfall reminds me that nature is so beautiful and inspiring. More than 1 hour I was just sitting there and enjoying all surrounding.

Sunset in Parangtritis beach (“Pantai Parangtritis”, Yogyakarta, Java island)

Parangtritis beach sunset

This beach not the best in Indonesia and Yogyakarta. Rubbish, not allowed to swim, strong wind but it’s a perfect place for sunsets not far away from the city. This sunset was like a gift for my birthday – special one :).


Yeah, I believe that Indonesia can suggest even more beautiful places to see, to explore. But like I read somewhere, you need at least 45 years, if you want to see most of the Indonesia. I don’t have any so much time, so I try to enjoy every place that I see and every time I fall in love with Indonesia more and more.

What is your nature discoveries in Indonesia? Tell me your stories :)

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