How to extend Indonesian tourist visa in Bali

3rd time I arrived to Indonesia with Indonesian tourist visa (for 60 days), which I made before coming here. I made it in Indonesian embassy in Denmark (this office is responsible for administration couple of European countries, including Lithuania). Indonesian tourist visa is possible to make in any other countries as well (once I made it in Penang island, Malaysia).

After 2 months I wanted to extend my tourist visa. At that time, I was in Bali, so I needed to do it in one of immigration offices there (you can extend Indonesian tourist visa in any Indonesian island where is immigration office, for example in Java island, Yogyakarta).

I read many stories how hard to extend visas in Bali, that immigration officers are corrupted and etc. Most of the people were suggesting for visa extension in Bali hire an agent and don’t deal with immigration officers by myself. But to pay for agent almost the same amount like cost visa extension fee I didn’t want. So I decided to extend my Indonesian tourist visa by myself. And I was nicely surprised how easy it was and not so scary as I was told. So, if you have enough time and want to save some money, I suggest to extend your tourist visa by yourself.

What you should do if you want to extend Indonesian tourist visa by yourself?

1. Choose immigration office that is near your staying place
I made my tourist visa extension in Denpasar office. Here are the contacts of immigration offices in Bali:
  • Bali immigration office Ngurah Rai (nearby Bali Airport)
    Address: Jalan Raya Taman Jimbaran, Kuta Seletan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 (map)
  • Bali immigration office of Denpasar
    Address: Jalan D.I. Panjaitan No. 3, Kel. Dangin Puri Kelod, Kec. Denpasar Timur, Denpasar, Bali, 80235 (map)
    Opening hours: 08:00 – 12:00 am and 13:00 – 16:00 pm (Monday – Thursday)
    Opening hours: 08:00 – 12:00 am and 13:30 – 16:30 pm (Friday)
  • Bali immigration office of Singaraja (north Bali)
    Address: Jalan Seririt Singaraja Pemaron Singaraja, Bali, 81151 (map)
2. Go to immigration office 7-10 days before your visa will expire
As well check if during that period won’t be any holidays when immigration office won’t work.

I went 2 weeks before my Indonesian tourist visa expiration date. And I was happy about it, like during those weeks was Eastern holidays and I had some misunderstandings with my first sponsor as well. Extra couple days helped me to make everything on time.

3. Prepare needed documents before going to immigration
  1. Bring a black ink pen with you. Application form should be filled with black pen. Even if in immigration office you can find it, but can be that somebody else will be using it.
  2. Bring your passport.
  3. Have 2 photocopies of your passport picture page and Indonesian visa page. 1 copy you will leave in immigration office, 1 leave for yourself because while passport will be in immigration office it’s good to have passport copy with you.
  4. Have 1 photocopy of your travel ticket for departure from Indonesia. You must show for immigration officers proof that you are planning to leave after your Indonesian visa will expire (even if you are thinking to make another extension in a future).
  5. You will need bring sponsor letter sign by sponsor. Here is an example of the letter I provided (places you need to fill marked in red). The sponsor can be a person from the place you are staying, your friend and etc. (if he agree to be a sponsor).
  6. Have 1 photocopy of your sponsor’s ID. IMPORTANT, if you will make Indonesian visa extension in Bali, your sponsor should have living permission in Bali as well (if he originally from other island and his Indonesian ID (KTP) registered not in Bali) or Bali ID card. In this case if sponsor not from Bali, you need to provide 1 photocopy of Indonesian ID and 1 photocopy of living permission in Bali.
  7. Have the address where you are staying (likely your hotel), your sponsors contact details.
  8. Amount of 355 000 Rp in cash. You actually won’t need to pay on your first visit, but it’s good to make sure you have everything in order when you begin the process.
4. Dress properly before going to immigration
If you arrive on flip-flops and a singlet shirt you may be not be allowed entry until you dress properly.
  • shoulders and knees should be covered
  • no slippers
  • no barefoot
  • no bikini
5. Start the process of tourist visa extension
You will need to visit immigration office 3 times till your tourist visa will be extended. Here is the process for visa extension in Denpasar office.

1st time visit

  • Come with your sponsor in the morning (documents for visa extension officers accept till 2 pm, at least in Denpasar office).
  • Just after entering the office, on the right side in front, you will see the counter. Select “Application”, take a number and go to right side (you will see where many foreigners will be sitting). Sit down and wait till your number will be announced by speaker and you will see your number in TV screen.
  • When your number will be called, go to the counter 1 and give all of your documents and passport. Officer will check it and will give you red folder, 2 application forms to fill (how to fill forms you can find the examples in the left side after you enter the office). 1st form is about your contact details. 2nd again about your details and sponsor details. 2nd form should be signed by you and sponsor with a stamp.
  • After you will fill both forms (and contact details, passport number on the folder) bring them straight to the counter 1.
  • They will tell you to take a seat. Shortly after will call your name and give you a receipt that will say to come back in 2-3 days (on the receipt you will see exact day to come back and time period). Do not lose that receipt!

2nd time visit

  • Again come in the morning (don’t forget to take money and receipt), go to the cashier (straight after you enter the immigration office). Give your receipt (no need to pay now). They will make some paperwork and will call your name and tell you to go to the counter 3.
  • With your receipt go to the counter 3, give it them. Wait till they will announce your name.
  • After they will call you, you will need to go back to cashier and pay 355 000 Rp in cash. Later come back again to the same counter where they will give you new number to go to make photos and finger prints.
  • Take a sit and wait till you will see your new number in TV screen and hear that they announce your name. Go to make photos and finger prints.
  • After it, they will inform you when to come back to take the passport.

3rd time visit

  • With your receipt go to counter 5 and give it to the officer.
  • Sit down and wait till they will invite you to sign the list that you get back the passport.
  • You will get back your passport with a stamp inside with date till which you have extension

Important: if you will come to extend 2nd time your tourist visa on 2nd visit you don’t need to make picture and finger prints again. You need to go straight to cashier, pay money and show the receipt in counter 3. Officers will put the date when come back to take the passport. 

Tips for making Indonesian tourist visa extension in Denpasar office
  • If you didn’t make photocopies before coming to immigration office, you can do it in office are. Go to left side before entering the office. There you can buy a stamp for sponsor form as well, but there is no printing possibilities.
  • Around immigration office you won’t find nearly ant place to print documents, so better take care of it day before coming.
  • You should plan to stay in immigration office from 1 to 3 hours each time (depends on amount of people who are making visa extension). If you make 2nd time extension on 2nd visit you will need ~40 min.
  • If you are going to immigration office (for 2nd visit – pay money and take pictures) on the last day of the month – the cashier will work only till 12:00 am (not till 14:00 pm like other days)

That’s all! Your Indonesian tourist visa extended 30 days extra.

You can extend tourist visa 4 times (each time for 30 days). After it, if you would like to stay in Indonesia again, you will need to go abroad to make new visa. I did it in Penang island, Malaysia (it was quick and easy process).

If you think that all this process is too difficult for you or you don’t have time to come 3 times to the immigration office, you can use agent service. What is the difference to make visa extension with the agent?

  • If you take agent service you will need to go to immigration office only 1 time to make pictures and fingerprints.
  • You will meet agent 3 times – to give documents and tell needed information, go to make photo and come back to take the passport (some agents even bring and take papers from your place).
  • The agent will be your sponsor too, so you won’t need to provide sponsor letter and copies of sponsor ID.
  • It will cost more, approximately from 600 000 to 850 000 Rp (agent service and visa extension fee). The price depends in which city you will use agent, how fast you want to have extension (it’s possible to have it during couple of days paying more).


Did you made Indonesian visa extension in Indonesia? What was your experience? If you have something to add extra, updates – fell free to do it in the comments :)

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Uluwatu beach in Bali – where magic happen

Sometimes on my mind I have exact places which I want to visit. Sometimes just let myself to get lost and stop somewhere on the way. Most of the time, the second choice gives me more surprises. Small trip to Uluwatu beach wasn’t exception.

I got suggestion to go to Uluwatu beach after the daytime. I thought it’s a bit too long way just to stay there for couple of hours (from my place, near Sanur, it’s ~1 hour one way). I suggested just to go on that direction and stop somewhere where we will find a sign “pantai” (in Indonesian language it means “beach”), just to enjoy the sunset (in that area it’s really beautiful ones).

Somehow all beaches on the way we missed (Green Bowl, Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Padang-Padang) and still arrived to Uluwatu beach.

First of all, this beach name a bit confusing. In internet you can find 3 different names: Blue point beach, Suluban or Uluwatu beach. After some research I understood why it’s called differently. “Suluban” is the original name and people just gave extra name “Blue point” because of the water color when you look to it from the top of the cliffs. “Uluwatu” beach is different one, straight under the famous temple Uluwatu (Pura Luhur Uluwatu). You can find this beach just on the left side through cave when you are heading to Suluban beach (no signs – just try to find the entry in the cave or follow others).

Suluban beach
If you will go straight – it’s Suluban beach. If you will turn left (where is the rock) will be Uluwatu beach

Second, it’s not proper beach where you have plenty of space for bathing or other activities. It doesn’t have soft sand (mostly covered by stones and small pieces of corals). As well going for swimming in the Indian ocean you will need pass many rocks in the water.

Uluwatu beach
Uluwatu beach surrounded by cliffs, stones

Third, this place called one of the best places for experienced surfers, so you should understand that the waves are high and strong. Also the best time to enjoy swimming is in the morning and daytime. It becomes like a natural swimming pool forms between the beach and reef. Later the water comes up and hide all rocks under the water, so you can harm yourself while swimming in strong waves.

Uluwatu beach sunset
Black dots in the ocean – surfers waiting for the “right” wave

In any case this place is really worth to visit, like it’s something different from usual beach views of South part of Bali. And you don’t need to be a surfer to enjoy this place. There are many local eating places “warungs” where you can just take a drink, relax and have the romantic sunset view. If you are lucky, you can see turtles swimming in the turquoise water as well. Probably one of the most known places to have really good time is “Single Fin bar”. It’s a bar situated on one the edge of the limestone cliff overlooking Uluwatu beach and Indian Ocean. As well they have live music every Sunday.

Uluwatu beach
The beach like “locked” among cliffs

But what is so magical about Uluwatu beach?

Beside an unusual beach view, high cliffs, beautiful sunsets, some people say, that cave through which you need to pass to Uluwatu beach is magical. Why/how magical this cave I don’t know but I have my own interesting story to tell.

Usually sunsets comes ~5.30-6 pm in South part of Bali. While enjoying time in Uluwatu beach I saw that many people start to leave the beach even before 5 pm. I thought that probably they want to see other places or do something else. After we decided to go out as well, we turned to direction that we came in and where a bit surprised. We didn’t find the cave exit through which we pass inside. We looked around maybe we missed it. But no. We were a bit confused how come it happen, where is the exit. But suddenly in front of us came black local dog that we saw before playing in the beach. He just looked at as, went couple steps forward, again looked at as, like calling “fallow me”. First time I remember one scene from documentary movie (I forgot the name) when guy told – “if you don’t know which direction to choose, follow the animals that you will meet on your way”. So, I said – “yeah this dog going home and know where is exit”. So I started just talk with dog saying “go doggy go home” and he started to walk straight and we followed after him. Our exit wasn’t too far but it was covered already by tide, that’s why we didn’t see it. The waves each moment became higher and stronger, so we needed to wait to pass it and not to get totally wet. I think if we would wait a bit longer, we would need to swim through the exit. And it’s not the easiest way, like there are many big rocks. When we were passing inside we needed even to lean.

So how not to call it magic? When the dog appears from nowhere and waiting for us to show the way?

Uluwatu beach
Black dog which show us the way back

Before entering the beach there are no signs informing about timing when people need to return and not stuck there. Suluban beach is more open, so you can easily see and know how to get out. Even there are people who are standing on the cliffs and starts to whistle for swimmers and those who are in the beach that it’s time to go from there, like it’s becomes danger to stay. But in Uluwatu, nobody informs you.

If you are not sure if worth to go to Uluwatu beach, you can read some other travelers review about it and here are some more nice pictures of this place which probably will convince you to come here.

Tips for visiting Uluwatu beach:

  • Location: Jalan Pantai Suluban, Pecatu, Jimbaran
  • There is no entrance fee but for motorbike parking you will need to pay 3 000 Rp, for a car 5 000 Rp.
  • It’s a beautiful place for pre-wedding, wedding pictures and other photo sessions but if you want to make them on “special place” you need to pay extra “fee”.
  • You can find there not only eating places but as well some souvenirs shops, showers. But after 5 pm almost everything is closed. Even only 1 toilet was open.
  • I think, if you are not a surfer to spend there whole day you won’t have much things to do. But you can visit my mentioned beaches above during the daytime and stay in Uluwatu beach for a sunset. Or after staying in Uluwatu beach in daytime and go to Uluwatu temple (it’s only 10 min. drive from the beach), to see the sunset there and enjoy the Kecak dance performance. As well you can stay for a longer time in Bukit Peninsula (here are some good deals for hotels in Agoda, Booking or TripAdvisor) and discover really nice places, not only my mentioned beaches and enjoy other activities.


Would you like to visit Uluwatu beach? If you have been in Bali, which beach you recommend to see?

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Is it worth to stay / host via Airbnb?

I heard about Airbnb few years ago but only recently join this community. I’m not only booking places to stay while traveling but as well hosting other people through it. If you are still not sure if Airbnb is exactly what you are searching for your trips or earn extra money – here is my pros and cons for joining Airbnb. Hope it will help you to decide.

Why you should consider to STAY via Airbnb?

  • You can find accommodation in more than 190 countries all around the world. And can book not only a room in the flat, full apartment but as well castle, houseboats, windmills and other places for your stay.
  • You can rent a place for 1 night or months, depends on your needs (if you stay longer than a week you get discounts).
  • It can be cheaper than stay in hotel or even home-stay. For example in Oslo I stayed via Airbnb. I rent a room in a flat where was living owner. To rent a room was cheaper than all flat. I made breakfast, cook lunch and dinner there, so I didn’t spend money for eating outside (what is quite expensive in Oslo). In total I pay less than would stay in home-stay and would eat outside.
  • You can read honest reviews about place where you want to stay, like comments are published only after both sides (guest and host) complete review. So there are no “revenge” comments if your host didn’t like your review.
  • It’s a community, so you get a lot of support in any case (solving problems, refund money and etc.).
  • Most of the hosts are the same travelers like you, so they try to make your stay as good as possible. What is sometimes missing in hotels, where people just making business and work only for money.
  • Staying in local places you can feel more like at home, sometimes be closer to local culture and daily life, what is missing in hotels.
  • You can contact many hosts and later decide which one to choose. You get 24 hours to approve your booking or not.
  • It’s easy to book – you need just register in Airbnb (get verified), find a place, if you have additional questions contact host before booking (you can get replies through SMS) and then book. The system will make reminders before the trips, will arrange all payment process (no cash needed).
  • You can apply many filters before finding the right place: choose property type, amenities (smoke detector, iron, suitable for events and etc.), size of apartment, price range, room type, guest numbers and much more.
  • Usually booking a room in hotel you don’t see exact room where you will stay, maybe it will be near elevator other noisy place. In Airbnb you see all pictures and know exactly where you will stay. If photos not enough – you can ask a host to send extra pictures.
  • If you need stay longer, you have everything you need for your daily needs: washing machine, kitchen equipment and etc. you don’t need to pay extra for any service (like laundry in hotels).
  • When booking a room at the apartment you don’t have to spend all the time with the landlord. For example in Couchsurfing it’s exchange – you get free stay because the host wants to know more about you, your life, travels and etc. Host expects that you will spend more time with him.

What you should know before booking in Airbnb

  • The host can cancel your booking without explanation even if calendar was free at your choose days. As well not reply during 24 hours, then booking will be automatically canceled.
  • If you rent a room in couple rooms apartment, can be hosted more than 1 traveler at the same time.
  • If you are booking a room with owner, don’t expect that he will be the person who will show you around or will spend with you most of the time (it can be but not with all hosts).
  • When you are booking a room with landlord, you should consider that you are coming to his daily life routine. For example in the photos kitchen looks tidy but in reality can be a bit messy.
  • Like in any accommodation place (no matter hostel, hotel or Couchsurfing) there are house rules that you need to follow.
  • Some hostels put their ads in Airbnb as well and put prices higher than you can find in accommodation search engines.
  • You should understand that if you rent a room or apartment, there will be around neighbors. Maybe their daily life routine can be noisy and etc. (but you can ask host about neighbors).
  • You rent a private room or flat but the public spaces like corridor can look differently than place interior. But is it matter if you don’t stay in corridor?
  • The prices can be different from what you see in main page. It can vary depends on your selected days, how many people will stay. As well will be added Airbnb fee, can be added cleaning fee.
  • If it’s important for you, not all hosts are local people.
  • You can read some stories in internet about not nice experiences with hosts, but where you won’t find such things if you belong to community?
How to use airbnb
Easy search and booking Airbnb system

Why worth to RENT a place through Airbnb?

  • There is no registration fee. And eligible hosts are protected up to $1,000,000 with the Airbnb Host Guarantee.
  • Your place don’t need to be available all the time. You can mark in calendar when you are not available. So it can be only temporary hosting.
  • Before listing your place you can add all information for guests: check-in, check-out timing, is it suitable for pets or kids and etc. You can make it as comfortable for yourself as you want.
  • All members should verify their account, so in any case, Airbnb have all information about guests (hosts as well).
  • You can get a lot of support from Airbnb: tips, reminders and etc. 24 hours per day.
  • If you are renting a place it doesn’t mean that you need to stay with a guest all the time. Just behave with a guest as you would like to be treated while you are traveling.
  • If you didn’t choose “instant booking” you can cancel guest request if you don’t like reviews about him or other reasons. Nobody force you to rent your place even if it’s listed.

What you should know before host a guest via Airbnb

  • Some countries has special laws for temporary renting. You should check how it is in your country, if you won’t need to pay extra taxes and etc. while using Airbnb.
  • Before listing your place you should answer for yourself these questions: Do you like meeting new people? Do you have a general sense of trust in humanity? Are you uncomfortable with having strangers in your home when you’re not there? Do you find the idea of cleaning up after strangers revolting? If more than 2 answers is “no” – maybe Airbnb is not for you.
  • You will get payment to your bank account after 24 hours after the guest check-in.
  • In internet you can read some stories about not good experiences of hosting guests. So I suggest to read some of them before deciding.
Pros and cons join Airbnb Bali
Easy way to be listed and see all renters


For me it’s really worth to use Airbnb. First I save money during my trips on accommodation, like using Airbnb credits. Second I earn extra money while my flat is temporary empty. In such case I “win” double :).


Will you consider to become part of Airbnb community? Or maybe you already a member and would like to share your pros and cons?

Pros and cons stay or rent in airbnb pinterest

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