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Before I wasn’t a person who easily asks for help (my friends knows it :D). But Indonesia taught me – ask help it doesn’t mean be weak or show that something can’t be done by yourself. Ask help, advice, support – it’s collaboration with people around you, showing that you trust them. It’s possibility for those people be useful and use their knowledge for helping others. I like help others even if they don’t ask for help. If I know that I can – I will always suggest my hand, brains, advice, time, contacts, ideas… everything that I can :).

I really like to live in Indonesia and I feel that not everything I gave and discover here. That’s why I want to stay here longer :). As well I want to share with people advices, experience of living, traveling in Indonesia.

You would like to support me? Doesn’t matter what kind of support you want give (or can), already willing to help me and reading this post – means a lot to me and will keep smile in my face :).

Here are some possibilities how you can support me

You can suggest your own support ways as well , just leave a comment below or write me

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. Les Brown


You don’t know how much is enough to donate? Even a couple euros or dollars will make my life more colorful. I try to live in Indonesia not spread out. My monthly average budget is ~300 EUR (~340 USD) (on months when I’m wishing to travel I need a bit more :)).

 You can donate with Paypal

Or if it’s better for you, I can send the information for bank transfer (please send me an email for further information).

I will announce all people who donated and how much (unless you will ask not to do that :). As well, I promise a small Indonesian thanks giving present, if you will leave your e-mail or home address :). If you wish I can write you personally where your donation was spent (but most probably it will go to daily expenses, travel ticket to voluntary projects or travels). Be sure that your money will be spent wisely!

If you want to read more stories, get more travel tips, keep me alive in “big tent” – donate :).


Suggest a jobSuggest me a job

If you know somebody who need good employee (for long term or temporary), please let me know :). Here is my Linkedin profile and information how I can help in Indonesia.



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If you know me personally or we had some work together, you can leave your recommendation in comments under the post “How can I help you”. As well you can share this post with those who may be interested.


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