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Bali beaches

My days in Bali beaches

Bali is a small island with different types of beaches. Some beaches have big, sharp rocks, created by corals or lava, others are covered with white, yellow, and gray or black sand. Some people say that Bali is a dream island for a vacation :). Maybe, depends what you are searching for and what is your vacation “habits”. Even if I live in Indonesia, I as well have trips – “vacations” sometimes :D. This time I decided to explore more of Bali beaches in the South part, to see what is so “magic” about those places that attract so many tourists.

In which Bali beaches I have been so far?

Sanur beach

Romantic dinner on the water

This beach is on the coast next to the village of Sanur, on the west side of the island. It is several kilometers long. The sand here is golden yellow and consists of small coral particles that fly on windy days. The beach is covered with thousands of small shells and snails that you can collect. Ocean current is very weak here therefore only tiny waves show on the surface. It is perfect for children and non-swimmers. This beach is really depends on the sea tides, so if you want to swim there you should ask people in the place you are staying which concrete timing of tides. You can have here romantic dinner on the water (probably in many Bali places it’s possible to have;)), a bit further go to watch Balinese kites competition, eat delicious see food, have relaxation procedures, do some sports and organize your trips to other places in Bali.

Travelers usually gives “labels” for concrete places – I heard that Sanur beach named like beach for retiree people :D. But I disagree – yeah, it’s more quite comparing with other beaches, but you can have here everything that suggest any other Bali beach and as well here is a bit cheaper;).

Kuta beach

Surfers paradise

Waves here are high, and ocean currents are strong, so if you decide to swim you need be very careful, like almost every time you will see warning “red” flag on the coast. However, it is perfect for surfers who congregate at this beach in large numbers. Unfortunately, the currents here are also strong and sand and water are not white, but rather gray, as well very trashy :(. Usually this beach quite crowd, like here comes not only tourists from abroad but Indonesians from other places. In this beach you won’t find usual bar/restaurants on the beach, just some people sells drinks, snacks. After the sunset (many people comes to see it), some street musicians come to play there but not stay too long, like there is no lightening.

Kuta as well known as parties, surfers, short love affairs place and one of the cheapest in Bali. If you want quite place, not to see many almost undressed tourists walking around – you shouldn’t choose this place :D.

In any case if you will decide to choose Kuta, check Tara’s from “Where is Tara” survivor’s guide to Kuta.

Seminyak beach

Beach bar

Only ~15 min drive from Kuta beach you will see different view. In Seminyak beach the waves here as well quite high, but the water much cleaner, the beach has already more yellow sand. As well in all coast are aplenty of beach bars where is very nice to have a drink, see the sunset and listen for live music in the evenings :). Seminyak beach is most fashionable area. There are luxurious resorts, a number of fine restaurants and boutiques. Fashion stores and top dining spots with international chefs. That’s why this place is more expensive than Kuta but I really enjoyed the evenings here and “felt in love” with beach bars atmosphere :).

If you are looking for peaceful place you should come here, like after the sunset seams that Seminyak is “dead” even if there are some luxurious dance clubs. Seminyak in general is filled with family-friendly hotels with pools, situated in parks full of flowers and trees.

Pandawa beach

Pandawa beach

Another more beautiful, less heard, hide behind large carved limestone cliffs – Pandawa beach. Often called as “the secret beach”, like officially it was opened only in 2012. Over the last few years, seeing the potential held in the beach’s majestic and pristine beauty, the Badung Regency Administration opened about 1.5 kilometers of access roads. So now it’s fast-gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors. If you want to see almost not touched beach – better go here now :D. Here you will be greeted by five statues carved into the cliffs: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. These are the Panca Pandawa, five brothers who are characters in the shadow puppet theater, from which the beach takes its name. The sand here is golden yellow and consists of small coral particles, the sea low tide comes after the lunch, so you can enjoy time in the water till that time. It is perfect for children and non-swimmers as well for those who want some privacy.

The water at Pandawa Beach is an exotic combination of blue and green. On clear days with mild winds, it is a great place to swim, or you can hire a sea kayak,  grab a surfboard to catch a wave beyond the reef breaks. Also you can do here paragliding. You will find here only couple simple “warungs” (not fancy ones:)), so better to take some snacks with you. Also it’s not the place to see the sunset, like the cliffs covers it. But if you spend all day in Pandawa beach for sunset you can go to Uluwatu temple, which is quite near and finish the day with seeing the famous “kecak” dance (as well called “monkey dance”) there :).

Important: There are no coast guards on duty in this area, so be careful when you are swimming or canoeing as the condition of the sea can be unpredictable

Nusa Lembongan beach

Nusa Lembongan

Lembongan is a small and very pretty island, only 7 km away from the main island of Bali. It is well known for its tranquil sandy bays, which offer a great opportunity for a romantic getaway. It is dry and rocky, and there are no rice fields. Only cacti, snakes, and lizards are enjoying themselves here. The sand here is golden yellow and consists of small coral particles. The beach is covered with thousands of small shells and snails that you can collect. Ocean current is very weak here therefore only tiny waves show on the surface. It is perfect for children and non-swimmers. Even if recently here comes more people, still it’s not overcrowded.

If you come to this island you should stay here at least couple of days and explore more of this island, like the island not so big but have some interesting places to see. While you are here you can visit and another island, Nusa Ceningan, that you can reach through the hanging bridge. This island is on the southern side of the Lembongan. Nusa Ceningan is a small island only 4 km long and 2.5 km wide.


All these beaches on the map

What is your favorite Bali beach or experience in my mentioned ones?


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  1. I have been to Bali, but I haven’t been to any of these beaches. We went to the North coast for a few days to relax on a beach there before heading to Ubud and the crowds. The beaches were beautiful up north and empty! I think if I were to go again I would want to check out Semnyak beach.

  2. I haven’t been to Bali yet. The last two you wrote about would be my picks in your list if I ever visit Bali ;)

  3. I’ve never been to Bali, but I love all of the umbrellas on Seminyak Beach, especially when they are lit up at night. That’s magical.

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