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How to get Indonesian visa in Penang

How to get Indonesian visa in Penang, Malaysia

If you want to stay in Indonesia more than 30 days (what you can do with “Visa on arrival”), you can apply for a “Tourist visa”, which allows you to stay in Indonesia for 60 days.

If you want to get “Tourist visa” you should apply for it outside of Indonesia. Most travelers till now says that the best place for it – Penang island in Malaysia (here is information how to get to Penang). First of all, here the visa can be done during 2 working days, second – for sure you will get 60 days period (in some other countries the visa making takes 7 working days and can be given only for 30 days). Correct me, if there is another place with better “conditions”.

So, how to get Indonesian visa in Penang?

Here are some my advice and experience about applying for Indonesian 60-day “Tourist visa” in Penang island (I did it already twice).

Notice: all information prepared according 08 2016.



How to get to Indonesian Consulate

How to apply

How to fill the application, what to have with you

What to do after applying?

  • If you want to come back to Chinatown you should wait for the same bus 101 in front of “Midlands Park Center” mall.
  • But my advice, after consulate go further to explore Penang island, for example:

Here is official website of buses in Penang: routes, journey planner and etc.


By the way, during two my trips to Penang I stayed in 75 Traveller’s lodge. I found this place quite affordable, with good location and quite good condition. But there are many other places to stay in Penang.


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  • Have you tried to make Indonesian visa in Penang island? How was it?
  • Did you make Indonesian visa in any other country? What was your experience?
  • If you have any update to add, feel free to do it in comments



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60 thoughts on “How to get Indonesian visa in Penang, Malaysia”

  1. There’s really no reason to go through all that hassle, when you can get the 30 days extendable VOA at the airport.

  2. Hello Viktorija,

    Great write-up on the visa process.

    I am trying to find out what exact documents they require.

    Do you know whether they require an onward flight ticket out of Indonesia? Copy of passport?

    I tried to get the same type of 6-months visa in the Philippines a couple of months ago and they would not issue it without a Sponsor Letter, which I understand it’s not required in Penang’s consulate.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey, if you are planing to make “social budaya” visa – you will need sponsor letter in each Indonesian embassy around the world :) But if you apply for “tourist visa” – you don’t need any sponsor :)
      This is what you need to provide:

      A photo (even if in a form written that it should be in red background, I gave without – and everything was fine, they accepted)
      A photocopy of passport (info page only)
      A photocopy of return ticket from Malaysia (when I will leave to Indonesia)
      I read that I should give the photocopy of returns ticket from Indonesia but I didn’t have it yet on 1st time, so I brought photocopy from my bank account where shown that I have enough money to buy a ticket out of Indonesia (I just log in to my e-bank, made print screen and printed it). 2nd time I brought flight ticket, when I’m planing to leave Indonesia.
      I didn’t got any extra questions or asking to bring something more.

  3. Hey, thanks for the useful post – are you sure the 3 month validity of the visa includes the 2 months you will stay? A lot of visas, like Thailand, let you get the visa and use it within 3 months, then your entry stamp gives you 2 months stay on top of the date of entry, not from the date of visa issue. The reason I ask is that I am in Penang now, so want to get a visa here, but I will not arrive in Bali until 5 weeks, then I want to stay for 2 months, so if I get it now, it will run out mid-stay? Any thoughts would be good – your passport stamp might have exit date on it which would help explain.

    1. Answered my own question eventually: The validity of visa starts from first day of arrival. The 90 days limit is mentioned in the visa as date of expiry. If the visa is not used to enter Indonesia within 90 days after the date of issuance, it will be void to use.

      So you may want to update your info. Its valid for 3 months to enter, and then your 60 days start.

  4. Hi, great post! Do you know if the embassy in Penang still gives 60 day tourist visas? I have read that the one in KL will only give 30 days… Cheers

  5. Excellent info! I made my indonesian visa in Penang 2 times and the info is totally correct. Just add an update: on day 14th March 2017, the price is 205Ringgit, instead of 190 costs before.

    Thanks for your help!


  6. hi folks! Thank you very much for article. its very informative. My question is…can i get 60 days tourist visa in KL? there are many opinions and all are quite old in date. I appreciate fast answer, since my sponsor visa expire within next 2 days and so i cant renew it from inside indo. Thank you!!! peace!

    1. 3 months ago, some travelers shared that in KL they make only 30 days visa. But now is new year, so maybe something changed. AS well in KL it takes longer and a bit more expensive compare with Penang island :) Have you tried to contact Indonesian embassy in KL directly and ask about it?

  7. Just back from Penang to do my new 60 day extensible visum, I did stay in Suphan Gurney Homestay (only 70 Rm for an aircon room with TV) just a few hundred meters away from the Indonesian consulate and the shopping malls (Gurney plaza etc) are even closer.So i did walk in on Wednesday morning at 9.30 (consulate already pretty full) , filled in application form (+foto+ copy ticket to Indonesia and passport) no other info was needed.Next Thursday after 1400 picked up passport with visum. More easy and cheaper to do as in Singapore (expensive hotels and double price for 1 day visum) or in Bangkok ( at least 3 working days). Thanks for this info.
    Also to enjoy al the Asian food there is : Penang is the place.

  8. This is a really informative article, thank you for posting! I hold a European passport and would like to travel in Indonesia for 4 months. I was thinking of getting my first 60-day visa in Singapore and enjoying 2 months in Indonesia and then heading to Penang or Kota Kinabalu for a few days in order to apply for a second 60-day visa to Indonesia. If I understand correctly, there is no need to get out of the country at all and it is possible to extend my first 60-day visa for two times if I find a sponsor (can use and agent)… am I correct?
    So my issue would be to weigh costs of hiring an agent vs. cost of a spending a few days in Malaysia (or elsewhere). Does this make sense?

    1. If before going to Indonesia you will make “tourist visa” or “social budaya” in Indonesian embassy you will be able to stay in Indonesia for 60 days. After that you can extend this visa extra 4 times (each extension for 30 days). So in general maximum 4 months after your first 2 months will ended you can stay in Indonesia without leaving the country (in total 6 months) :) You can make extension by yourself with find sponsor or you can easily hire and agent, who will do all things. Agent service starts from ~650 000 Rp per first extension. So for sure it’s much cehaper to use agent than go out from Indonesia after 2 first months, make abroad new visa and come back to Indonesia :) Just one thing – “tourist visa” or “social budaya” is single entry visa, if you will leave the country even during your first 2 months, you will need to make new visa for coming back :)

  9. Hi Viktorija,
    first of all congratulation for your website, you’ve obviously put some effort into it and it’s worth it. So clear so easy to navigate thanks heaps.
    Now I have a question about this social visa. You don’t talk about a letter from a sponsor? Do we need one? or is it ok without?
    I feel quite shy to ask to someone I’ve just met.

    1. Thank you for nice words, Solene :) I wrote about getting “tourist visa” (not social:)) – for “tourist visa” you don’t need any sponsor letter and you can stay 2 months. If you would like to extend this visa you will need somebody from Indonesia (can be and manager of the place you are staying if he will agree to be a sponsor) to write you sponsor letter or fill the application in immigration office :) Many travelers in such cases just hire the agent who will manage all things instead of you – you will need to leave a passport and come to take it when it’s done. Of course you need to pay extra for his service and help :)

  10. Fantastic! I might just try this. I adore Penang and got my Thai Visa from there last time….but I have yet to go to Indonesia and this might be a great excuse to stop over there again!

  11. Hi !
    thank you for this information ! Do you know if this visa can be renewable ? We want to spend 4 months in Indonesia during our 1 year trip in Asia.
    thank you in advance


    1. Yes, tourist visa you can extend till 6 months. After first 2 months, you need to extend it each month, maximum period 6 months. It means you can extend extra 4 times :) But it’s single entry visa, it means, if during your stay in Indonesia you will go to other country and decide to return to Indonesia, you will need to make new visa :)

      1. Hello !
        Thanks a lot for your answer. This is great ! We were thinking of going to Malaysia each month to make a new visa … Not easy ! So, can we go to an immigration office to renew our tourist visa, every month ?

        1. No, you don’t need to go to Malaysia (or any other country) each month to extend your visa. The main thing to have “tourist visa” or “social budaya” and then 4 times (every month) you need to extend it in any immigration office in Indonesia without leaving the country :) Just better to extend it in bigger cities, like in Denpasar Bali island, Yogyakarta Java island, Matarm Lombok island and etc. Will be a bit easier and quicker. The prices and the process are the same, just smaller offices can take longer time, than my mentioned :)

  12. Thanks for sharing this – it is very helpful information. We were looking for information on exactly this and it was not easy to find the information. Such a detailed post – will save it for when we need it. Thank you so much!

  13. Wow, this is so informative! I flew to Dili to get another 30 days on my visa. I plan to go back to Indonesia in the near future & 30 days is definitely not enough. it’s great to know exactly how to do it from Penang, thanks!

    1. I think, Penang is the most “friendly” place to make tourist visa for Indonesia ;) Heard many examples from other cities, countries and there are many regulations and shorter period for visa, but longer period for making it :(

  14. This is super helpful! With these directions, I know exactly what to expect. I didn’t know the first day counted as day one no matter what time you arrive. It’s also good to know about the penalties you might have to pay. Dressing conservatively is always good in Malaysia! If you respect the culture, then you will be respected as well.

  15. This is definitely a detailed post and very informative. Though I don’t need a Visa going to Indonesia since I’m from the Philippines, this is indeed bookmark-worthy for the wanderlust who needs it. :) Kudos on the poster! <3 <3 <3 I love the minimalist design but still has the eye popping colors of blue in it. <3

      1. 22/08/2016
        Thank you for the information…very useful!

        I would have 2 more questions for you;maybe you have an answer…
        1) Do you know at what time is the first bus in Penang going from the Jetty to the airport in the morning?
        2) Do you know if the Indonesian consulate in Penang is OPEN the 12-13 and 14/October 2016. I tried to phone there but without success as I do not speak indonesian….

        I need those information for booking planes in and out of Penang…

        Thank you in advance,

        Jacques email:

  16. This is useful information for those who need to get Indonesian visa. I have yet to visit Indonesia. I’ve been to our other neighboring Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand in the past. I was planning to go to Bali for my honeymon but we didn’t push through because all the hotels were booked since it was peak season.

  17. I feel happy that I don’t have to get a visa to go to Indonesia. Seriously, it’s one of my dream countries because all of my friends who have been there swear by its beauty. I had a missed opportunity to go there because I cannot take a leave for more than a week. It still makes me sad.

  18. Very useful post! Interesting. I haven’t been to Indonesia yet. So I don’t have any experience. But this is very handy to know. If I will go, I will know how to do this!

  19. This is good information for people who want to obtain the Indonesian visa while living in Malaysia. I will keep your article in mind if I’ll ever be in that situation.

    1. Thank you :) but it as well useful for people who are traveling in Southeast Asia and will passing Malaysia on the way to Indonesia :) They can enjoy Penang island historical George Town, street art beauty and then travel further :)

  20. very useful information for those who needs to apply for a visa to enter Indonesia! I’m very fortunate to be holding a SG passport so there’s actually many countries I can visit without a need for visa.

  21. I have a NZ passport so luckily I can still get into Indonesian visa free. But this is a great post for those who need it. Very informative! :D

  22. We don’t need a visa anymore since I’m from an ASEAN country. However, I think this is SUPER helpful for those who still need a visa to get to Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s a really detailed post. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Thank you so much for your detailed post about obtaining an Indonesian visa in Penang. I went to the consulate this morning, and the whole thing was a breeze thanks yo your post :)

  24. Are you very sure that even if you come into indonesa say after 2 months of the visa being made it is not valid for 60 days from date of entry? And only til expiry?

    1. In visa – validation period is 3 months, during which you can enter Indonesia and valid till visa expires. So if you come after 2 months of visa being made you can stay in Indonesia for only 1 month. If you have other experience, please share :)

  25. Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to share this valuable information! I think it’s very well explained :) Me and my husband are going tomorrow morning to the consulate to try to get our visa :D

    Thank you again for your help ;)

    Kind regards,


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