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faq about Darmasiswa scholarship


Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions (FAQ) that new Darmasiswa scholarship students asks before applying for the program or after it. If you don‘t find the answers here – fill the question form (in the end of the page) and I will try to answer or give information where you can get the answer.

Application form:

Do I need to translate my diploma in English language?
What kind of medical report I should add to application?
What to select in line ‟Where do you prefer to stay“?

Communication with Indonesian embassy:

Indonesian embassy don‘t reply to my e-mails, what should I do?

Study and scholarship amount:

How many and what kind of classes I will have during studying time?
Will I have exams like regular university students?
Will be enough scholarship amount for living in Indonesia?
When the studies will finish?
When I can travel during study year?
Can I quite scholarship program and not stay all 6 months or 1 year?

Selection procedure:

Who selects the students for scholarship?
I don‘t find information about selected students on the day when they should be announced, what to do?
What will be after selection?

Preparation before coming to Indonesia:

What should I do and what should I take before coming?

Living in Indonesia:

What should I know about life in Indonesia?


If you didn’t find the answers here – write me or fill the form below and I will try to help :)


2 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. hi Ria, congratulation to your new website and your new Big Tent house :) . this website is very useful for the dharmasiswa. your information really provided well insight for those who plan to live in Indonesia especialy jogja. i like this website! keep up!

    1. Thank you:) I hope it will be useful, like one of my aim was to share information with new Darmasiswa students:) Before coming to Indonesia, I had many questions and not so many answers, so decided to help those who has the same “amount”of questions :D

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