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Immigration office to extend Indonesian tourist visa in Bali

How to extend Indonesian tourist visa in Bali

3rd time I arrived to Indonesia with Indonesian tourist visa (for 60 days), which I made before coming here. I made it in Indonesian embassy in Denmark (this office is responsible for administration couple of European countries, including Lithuania). Indonesian tourist visa is possible to make in any other countries as well (once I made it in Penang island, Malaysia).

After 2 months I wanted to extend my tourist visa. At that time, I was in Bali, so I needed to do it in one of immigration offices there (you can extend Indonesian tourist visa in any Indonesian island where is immigration office, for example in Java island, Yogyakarta).

I read many stories how hard to extend visas in Bali, that immigration officers are corrupted and etc. Most of the people were suggesting for visa extension in Bali hire an agent and don’t deal with immigration officers by myself. But to pay for agent almost the same amount like cost visa extension fee I didn’t want. So I decided to extend my Indonesian tourist visa by myself. And I was nicely surprised how easy it was and not so scary as I was told. So, if you have enough time and want to save some money, I suggest to extend your tourist visa by yourself.

What you should do if you want to extend Indonesian tourist visa by yourself?

1. Choose immigration office that is near your staying place
2. Go to immigration office 7-10 days before your visa will expire
3. Prepare needed documents before going to immigration
4. Dress properly before going to immigration
5. Start the process of tourist visa extension
Tips for making Indonesian tourist visa extension in Denpasar office

That’s all! Your Indonesian tourist visa extended 30 days extra.

You can extend tourist visa 4 times (each time for 30 days). After it, if you would like to stay in Indonesia again, you will need to go abroad to make new visa. I did it in Penang island, Malaysia (it was quick and easy process).

If you think that all this process is too difficult for you or you don’t have time to come 3 times to the immigration office, you can use agent service. What is the difference to make visa extension with the agent?

  • If you take agent service you will need to go to immigration office only 1 time to make pictures and fingerprints.
  • You will meet agent 3 times – to give documents and tell needed information, go to make photo and come back to take the passport (some agents even bring and take papers from your place).
  • The agent will be your sponsor too, so you won’t need to provide sponsor letter and copies of sponsor ID.
  • It will cost more, approximately from 600 000 to 850 000 Rp (agent service and visa extension fee). The price depends in which city you will use agent, how fast you want to have extension (it’s possible to have it during couple of days paying more).


Did you made Indonesian visa extension in Indonesia? What was your experience? If you have something to add extra, updates – fell free to do it in the comments :)

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8 thoughts on “How to extend Indonesian tourist visa in Bali”

  1. Hi,
    I’m a little bit confused about the sponsor. Does he need to come with me or is the letter + copy of id enough?
    Love your info though. You site is just convenient!

    1. Solene, it depends where you will make visa extension :) For example in Denpasar office, first time when you will come to extend visa and will fill the application form you need to bring a sponsor letter and as well your sponsor should come with you. When you will come for 2nd and 3rd time (for photo, pay and take your documents back) you can go alone, without sponsor. But for example in Jimbaran office, I came without sponsor, only with a letter and everything was fine too :) And thank you for your nice words about my page :)

  2. Never use immigration agents. Those guys are big time scammers! I found out the hard way :(

    I have always had better luck with visas by completing the application process myself in Indonesia and even for my partner when he applied for his Australian visas.

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