"Big tent"

What is “big tent” and why did I name my travel blog that way?

“Big tent” was my second home in Indonesia – were “born” this travel blog. The place where I started exploring Indonesian people’s daily life, was dreaming. Where I started to plan my trips and got new ideas, met interesting people.

The name “big tent” was given by my mom in a joke when she saw my Indonesian home picture. It was a typical Javanese house in the Kasongan area, Yogyakarta. House is one open space with bamboo plait (“gedheg”) instead of proper walls, without windows, and have quite big open ventilation spaces in the ceiling. The water is from the well, the bathroom is outside the house but here is a small closed yard. Is a place where you can see running mice, hear gecko and clean his shit (he makes it all the time in the same place – in the center of the house), be bitten by bees in front of the door, eat food which ants already tasted, watch how snails and lizards live their daily life.

Even if I moved out from my “big tent” now, but in general, I think, all the world is like one “big tent” where we live all together under the same sun and moon. Inspired by the life in “big tent” I continue my journey and share travel tips, adventures, and colorful life from Indonesia and other Asian countries.

How “big tent” looked before I moved:

How it looked later:



Before I was never growing plants at home (a couple of cacti don’t count, they can grow by themselves :)). But Indonesia changes people :).

Things which I used for second life :

Life in “big tent”:

6 thoughts on “What is “big tent” and why did I name my travel blog that way?”

  1. Hello Ria , thank you so much to spread out positive energy from our lovely country. Simple act but big impact . Your big tent it’s really real house , i hope we can talk over coffee or tea in your big tent .

    1. Thank you for nice words about my place :). I think everything depends on people understandings, but I even heard from Indonesian people, that they wouldn’t stay in my place, like it’s not a proper house :). But we all know our own needs ;)

  2. As a local I should say thanks for staying in our city, am glad to see many foreigners enjoy their way to live in yogyakarta.

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